New Team Members and the Exceptions

It’s been exciting times here at Genial, but who would know?

In honesty, our communication in the past has been lacking. We feel you’ve been missing out and that needs to change – think of this post as the first of many.

So where should I start?

There’s so much to tell you. However, let’s take this new relationship slow and steady. In the coming weeks we’ll be outlining what we’re currently working on and more about our vision for iPassport.

How about telling you about our new team members and the resurrection of a good friend?

New team members

In the last few weeks, our team here has grown by two. We’ll provide better introductions later, but for now, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Sarah and George.

Over the last few months, Sarah has been easing herself into our support team. If you’ve contacted support recently, you may have already heard from her.

Formerly part of the instrument team, George has just begun his transition to the development team. Over the last few weeks, he’s been dealing with our old friend…

Exceptions, we see you now!

Remember that error you noticed, and the support team contacted you before you’d reported it – incredible right?

That was made possible by our exception notifier, which for the last year was silenced by a configuration change. It’s now reinstated.

Not to worry, it’s now back. George is on the frontline dealing with issues as they happen. Hopefully, you won’t hear from him, yet it’s nice to know what’s happening in the background.

Long live the exception notifier!