Managing CAP Checklists in iPassport

Easily import checklists and automatically highlight differences between versions

Easy Import

Upload CAP checklists and use our version comparison tool to easily highlight changes in a standard


Perform internal (or even external) audits against your CAP standards. Raise and correct any NCs to ensure you are compliant ahead of your inspection

iPassport includes a fantastic feature which allows clients to import, manage and keep up to date with the latest CAP checklists.

Once imported, clients can crosswalk CAP checklist questions to their supporting evidence of compliance. This is achieved by linking checklists questions to policies, procedures, forms, equipment records and any other items that prove compliance to that particular requirements.

iPassport will compare last years checklists with the latest version in order to produce a report highlighting the differences. It’s then possible to select which evidence of compliance to carry forward to the latest version of a checklist.