Making iPassport the Easiest to Use eQMS on the Market

iPassport 3.4.2 is about to launch for our rolling release customers. This will hopefully be one update which your occasional iPassport users will love because we’re going to give them an intuitive view of the system which is really easy to use. Our view is that you shouldn’t have to attend a training course or read a user guide to use the basic (and not-so-basic) features of the system…iPassport should be intuitive enough to allow you to log in and get going.

We’re also making the user experience better in the regular, detailed view of iPassport and improving the self-help tools within the system.

<h2>Interface Updates</h2>
With the 3.4.2 release we have updated some of the styling within iPassport in order to make navigation easier and free up space on the page. The old right-menu has been removed, with much greater functionality added to the left sidebar. We’ve also spruced up some of the controls within the controlled documents area.

We’ve made it easier for users to get assistance with an expanded help area featuring user guides and a searchable list of people at your facility who can help with permissions issues and how-to questions. All of this is accessed via the easy-to-find ‘Help’ link in the upper right corner of the screen in detailed view, or the home page in simple view.

<h2>Simple View</h2>
iPassport is a feature rich application, but many users access only a small set of features in order to complete basic tasks. For these users a Quality Management System’s menu structure and page options can be a little overwhelming. We want to make the system especially easy to use for occasional users who only log in from time to time in order to read or approve documents, complete competency tests etc. With these users in mind we have created a new ‘Simple’ view of iPassport.

Simple view allows search and task-based use of iPassport. The interface is stripped right back, providing an intuitive interface which allows users to quickly complete their tasks then get on with their day. Individuals can easily switch between simple and detailed views using the link at the bottom of the sidebar.

Administrators are able to restrict individual users to simple view and also disable simple view site-wide if it is not something they think would be useful. Full user guides and release notes will be provided at the time of the 3.4.2 release.

Here at Genial Compliance we’ve been developing these interface updates for several months now so it’s incredibly exciting to be at the point where we can put them in your hands. We’re passionate about making iPassport the best and easiest-to-use eQMS out there. If you have any feedback or ideas on how we can improve we’d love to hear from you. Please do get in touch.

Best wishes,