iPassport Release Strategy – What’s in the Pipeline?

This is a really exciting time for iPassport. Our team has been growing and we have completely changed the way we handle iPassport development.

In the past, releases could take several months and would cover a sprawling range of fixes and improvements. We have now moved to a strategy where we will release more frequently but each release will be focused on one particular area of the system.

As I write we have just released iPassport 3.3.1, which introduced the ability to edit draft documents directly within iPassport. Making changes to document content should now be much easier and more intuitive.

Launching in January 2018, iPassport 3.3.2 involves updates to the non-compliances/non-conformances area of the system. This release is currently at the end of its testing phase and we’ll be opening this up for validation access in December.

iPassport 3.3.3 is in development and will bring enhancements to system authentication. This might not seem very glamorous but it will allow more control over password complexity (which some auditors love) and will open up the possibility to login via Microsoft Active Directory authentication. You can expect to see this go live at the start of February 2018. More details to follow!

Looking ahead we are currently planning iPassport 3.3.4 and 3.3.5. These will bring the next phase of our Competency feature and a re-working of our Document Review process. We’ll dig into these a little more in the coming weeks.

So, there’s a lot going on here at Genial Compliance and we’re really excited about where we’re taking iPassport this year. We’d love to hear feedback on latest releases, what we have planned and anything you’d really like to see added to the system.

All the best,