Supplier Management in iPassport

Manage your suppliers and vendors using iPassport. Suppliers can be assessed and approved should they continue to meet requirements

Supplier Management

Manage your supplier database directly in iPassport


Schedule supplier reviews and set customizable statuses 


Use iPassport’s powerful linking engine to link supplier info with any content within iPassport, including NCs, meetings and documentation.

iPassport provides field to capture company information including; Company Name, Website, Address, Telephone Number, Fax Number, Customer Account Number, Main Contact etc.

iPassport’s supplier management feature allows clients to customize statuses for available use. Examples include; “”Company Approved”, “Initiated Company Assessment”, “Company Approval Not Given” etc.

iPassport includes options to both issue an immediate status of approval and schedule future reviews of any company within the system.

Supplier review events are supported by both comments and an attachment option. The ‘Attachments’ option allows a user to add multiple attachments to ta single review record via a convenient drag and drop option as well as an standard upload option.

Supplier review events may also be scheduled to take place in the future. This involves using iPassport to nominate a future review date, set a task activation timeline and assign the event to a member of the team.