Audits & Non-Conforming Events in iPassport

Implement a culture of proactive problem solving rather than reactive troubleshooting by creating and managing non-conforming events within iPassport

Internal and External Audits

Audit yourself ahead of inspection

CAPA - Corrective / Preventative Actions

Manage corrective and preventative actions including a complete history

Raise NCs directly from Audits

Create NCs from audits and automatically clear the audit as ‘compliant’ when the NC is corrected

External Reporting

Allow Non Compliances to be raised via a simple web form, without the need to log in to iPassport.


Auditing is used by many organizations in order to demonstrate continual improvement (by identifying errors and potential problems) as well as compliance to standards. Auditing can also contribute to streamlining a process.
iPassport’s holistic approach to auditing allows clients to create audit content for both one-time and recurring use and then schedule audits to meet the required frequency.
Audit content can be imported from standards, for example, ISO 15189, ISO 17025, CAP, CLIA etc, from your own question lists, or from a combination of the two.
iPassport is smart device compatible, making it easy to conduct audits on the move, while at the same time having convenient fields to capture essential observations and link evidence of compliance from other areas of the system.
When potential problems are identified, iPassport makes it easy to raise a non-conforming event and then provides comprehensive tools to manage that event and establish compliance.

iPassport also includes an external auditing feature which provides a very useful resource to store and manage NC’s generated during inspections.


Non Conforming Events

Non-conforming events can be raised as both stand-alone events and as the result of an audit.

iPassport includes comprehensive functionality to create and manage the resultant corrective/ preventative (CAPA) actions in order to identify and implement a corrective action plan.