Incident & Accident Reporting

Easily report and action incident and accident reports within iPassport

Easy Reporting

iPassport allows incidents to be raised via a simple form which does not require user log in. Encourage your employees to raise NCs by making the reporting process simple

Action Items

Generate actionable items, assign tasks and follow the whole process through the system

Root Cause Analysis

Identify the root causes of incidents and study trends

Powerful Linking

Use iPassport’s powerful linking engine to connect incidents with documentation, meetings, standards and absolutely any content within iPassport

Report and manage both incidents and accidents using iPassport’s complete feature set.

iPassport allows clients to create reports for three types of incidents; “General”, “Sample” and “Adverse” incidents.

iPassport’s incident reporting functionality allows customers to record all associated metadata and also includes customizable fields for:

  1. Incident Title
  2. Incident Category
  3. Incident Description
  4. Associated Dates (Date of incident, target resolution etc)
  5. Incident Severity
  6. First Aid/ Treatment Issued
  7. Consequential Staff Sick Time

Management of the incident can be assigned to a member of staff who will be responsible to creating and administering follow up actions.

Follow up actions can be created to resolve the incident. Any number of follow up actions can be created per individual incident and each of those actions can be assigned to a different member of staff (if necessary). It’s simple to create tasks with any action using iPassport, so that the action will appear in the assignee’s “to-do” task list. When multiple actions are required for a single incident, the actions can be associated with one another for easy tracking. Action updates can be routed to staff members that need to be kept up to date with all progress on a specific action. It is also possible to escalate actions marked as “complete” to a member of management who can then verify that the action was complete to a satisfactory standard.

External documentation can also be associated with any incident report created using iPassport.

iPassport’s Incident management functionality includes a “Root Cause” feature which can be used to record the source of the problem and study trends.

Both incidents and associated actions can be added to iPassport that have already been completed. This ensures that items are properly recorded and logged for future availability and trending purposes.

Incident reports can be closed once all actions have been completed. Customers are presented with a comments field in order to record any final observations. It is also possible to reopen an incident report should that be necessary.

Consistent with other features within iPassport, the incident reporting functionality includes a “History” feature which will automatically capture every major event together with associated date, time and user signature information.

Every customer can also take advantage of iPassport’s external reporting form, which allows staff to raise incidents without logging into the system. This ensures that iPassport “seats” are available to staff that need to work on other items within the system.