Staff Competency Assessment & Management in iPassport

Evaluate staff competency with iPassport’s complete competency management module

Reading Lists

Task staff with reading relevant documents and acknowledge off with their electronic signature

Competency Tests

Build and schedule quizzes to test employee knowledge and understanding


Record direct observations by performing assessments on your team at work


Manage a history of all training courses and who attended them

Evaluate staff competency with iPassport’s complete competency management module. Ensure that all personnel have the ability to apply their skill, knowledge, and experience to perform their laboratory duties correctly.

iPassport can be used to demonstrate assessment of competency in the six areas required by CLIA.

iPassport can be used to establish competency assessment cycles for;

  1. Direct observations of staff performing patient testing (e.g. specimen handling, processing testing etc)
  2. Monitoring the recording and reporting of test results
  3. Intermediate review of test results, quality control records, proficiency testing results etc.
  4. Observation of preventative instrument maintenance and calibration
  5. Staff proficiency testing on both internal blind samples and external testing samples
  6. Competency quizzes and tests to assess staff problem solving skills

(CMS guidance for CLIA competency assessment requirements can be found here)


Use iPassport’s comprehensive competency assessment functionality to ensure that personnel are fulfilling their duties as required by federal regulations.