Document Control

Manage all aspects of your documentation with iPassport’s easy to use and comprehensive document control functionality

Reading Lists

Set up reading lists and allow staff to easily sign off that they have read the required documents

Manage Review Cycles

Ensure your documents are correctly reviewed within the appropriate timescales

Change Requests

Make it easy for employees to request changes to a document

Easy Editing

Edit documents directly within iPassport

iPassport’s comprehensive document control functionality allows any organization to manage all aspects of their documentation. iPassport provides full control and availability of the most up-to-date documentation while also maintaining control of archived versions.


Powerful Features

iPassport guarantees complete compliance with intuitive features for document authorization, authenticated electronic signatures, staff acknowledgement, traceable printing, change control, document revision, automated history and more!

iPassport’s automated document import options make implementation a breeze. Import thousands of documents with minimum effort allowing you to establish revision cycles and begin automating control of your organizations documentation.

Browser-style searching ensures records are easily retrieved. iPassport will search the entire document content and metadata for any word or phrase entered into the search engine.


Review Cycles

A key aspect of document control is the ability to effectively manage document review cycles. Accrediting organizations have varying requirements for document review frequency and therefore it’s possible that documents within the same organization may having varying review frequencies. iPassport provides comprehensive document review management functionality, allowing clients to establish review cycles for each individual record and meet and regulatory requirement. Review frequency, nominated reviewers, and those to be notified at major milestones are all established in advance. Staff nominated as reviewers will be notified via email when document review tasks are automatically issued according to the establish review date. More information on iPassport’s change control and document revision options below.

Reading Lists

iPasport’s configurable reading list feature allows for relevant documentation to be distributed to and acknowledged by staff. Once established, iPassport will automatically issue a reading task summarizing content changes upon every revision of a document. It is also possible to establish the frequency of reading events so that staff are prompted to re-familiarize themselves with the content of a document in the event there are no revisions over a period of several years.

iPassport’s convenient document reading group feature allows clients to establish reading lists for groups of document in moments, saving significant time and effort at both implementation and also when onboarding new employees.


We understand the workload pressures of directors and medical staff and have therefore taken the time to provide our clients with both in-app and streamlined remote document authorization options. Those staff that are required to apply their authorizing signature to a document may do so by filling out the document authorization criteria within iPassport. Alternatively, the initial authorization criteria can be completed by another member of the team (e.g. the document owner) who can then simply send the document to the appropriate staff for authorization. Any nominated authorizers will then receive an email notification which includes a secure link to the document as well as their authorization options. This means that directors can simply authorize document s from their email notifications, without even logging into iPassport!

iPassport ensures full compliance with CMS requirements when multiple signatures are required. Simply select which staff are required to authorize the document and iPassport will notify them via email. A document will not become authorized until all authenticated authorizing signatures are obtained.

Change Control

iPassport’s change control and document revision features provide comprehensive functionality as summarized below:

  • Establish review frequency in advance
  • Assign reviewers to documents
  • Review task notifications are automatically issued when the document reaches it’s designated review date
  • Document reviewers can select “no changes required” or “request changes”
  • Settings to automatically advance the document to it’s next review date when no document content changes are identified during the review process
  • Alternatively, reviewers can request multiple content changes, each change request can be approved/ rejected on it’s own merit by those with the authority to do so
  • Options to escalate document content change request beyond the document owner, to a higher level team for final approval
  • Document owners (and other nominated staff) are kept up to date with progress throughout the review cycle
  • All review comments and approvals are faithfully captured in the document history tab and can be retrieved during inspection to demonstrate complete compliance
  • Ability to suggest document content changes at any time, outside of the formal document review cycle
  • Changes suggested outside of the document review cycle can be approved for immediate implementation or saved for later, in which case editors will be reminded of saved approved change suggestion during the next document revision
  • All approved changes and additional document revision notes are presented to the reading list staff when the new version of the document is authorized for use
  • Customizable preferences for major & minor revisions

Print Management

iPassport’s document print management is a permissions driven feature which allows papers copies of documents to be printed in a controlled manner. All controlled prints are assigned a traceable print ID as well as other document control metadata. iPassport’s automatically assigned print ID is then used upon document revision to remind staff when the previous version of the document was printed and exactly where it resides. This feature ensures that all out-of-date document action is collected prior to the availability of the most recent version and therefore staff are unable to work to out-of-date documentation.

As above, iPassport will automatically generate document metadata on every page of the document when the controlled printing feature is used. This information can also be customized to suit your style.